Prizm want to build a context-aware music streaming adapter


This is cool: A French startup wants to build a music streaming adapter that is contextually aware of its environment, and adapts both the music it plays and the volume to the people, conversations and noise level in the room.

The Prizm, as the device is called, checks for the presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, identifying their owners through MAC addresses and Bluetooth device names. Prizm can then mix and match music based on user profiles to adapt to its audience. Here’s how the company described it on its Kickstarter page:

[blockquote person=”” attribution=””]If you are alone, Prizm plays music for you. If your companion is alone, it plays music for him/her. And if you are together in the room, it merges both of your tastes and picks a song both of you will love.[/blockquote]

Prizm also includes a microphone that measures the sound level in the room to…

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