The internet of things is becoming the next cloud battleground


Sensors and connected devices are popping up everywhere, and the data they’re producing has to be processed somewhere. While the easy stuff and the immediate stuff happens locally, more complex stuff — predictive analytics, visualizing data on mobile apps, talking to other devices or applications — happens in the cloud. And cloud computing providers are already beginning their fight to house all that data and all those workloads.

As it stands, the internet of things, like the web and mobile economies from which it grew, runs largely on Amazon Web Services. But there’s no guarantee the status quo will remain in place. As part of its broader home-automation plans, for example, Google is already buying up large AWS users such as Nest and Dropcam. Dropcam Co-founder and CEO Greg Duffy told me last year that his company runs “the largest inbound streaming service on the entire internet” — bigger than even YouTube. Assuming they eventually move onto…

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