This week in bitcoin: Why financial and legal experts are as critical as engineers to bitcoin’s future


This week’s bitcoin review includes a talk with the creator of the Digital Currency Council.

A Q&A with David Berger, CEO of the Digital Currency Council

If you want to learn about bitcoin, where do you turn? Google might provide the basics, but many people will turn to their normal go-to source for financial information — accountants, lawyers, portfolio managers, whoever they trust.

“I think the professionals, the traditional advisors, are as critical to the long-term digital currency economy as the engineers,” Berger said. “To build a new economy, which is what is happening, requires the involvement and intellect of a really diverse group of people just like our traditional economy does. There’s just so much opportunity today that the demand for these professionals is out-stripping the supply.”

In September, Berger launched the Digital Currency Council, a consultancy and education center, to help boost the supply of bitcoin-familiar professionals…

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