After indexing all the things, Google now wants to go into your bloodstream


Google is embarking on a new adventure that could radically change health care and medicine, but also add an interesting new twist to its own wearable computing initiatives: The company’s Head of Life Sciences Andrew Conrad announced at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference Tuesday that the company is building a nano particle platform that could one day be used to continuously measure a person’s health through ingestible nano particles.

Conrad, who is leading Google’s Life Sciences group out of the company’s experimental Google X R&D lab, said that people will be able to swallow a pill with nano particles that can then be trapped by a magnet, for example on a person’s wrist, and read out to detect cancer cells, blocked arteries or other symptoms that traditionally require blood tests or even more complicated procedures that are done much less frequently.

Conrad likened the way these nano particles…

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