Why a DC turf war may have played a part in the timing of the FTC’s mobile data lawsuit against AT&T


When the federal government fights AT&T, it’s like trying to pick sides between Godzilla and King Kong. Still, it’s worth asking if the phone carrier might have a point when it describes the Federal Trade Commission’s latest lawsuit as “baffling.”

In case you missed it, the latest legal dustup came on Tuesday when the FTC sued AT&T for “throttling” certain customers who had signed up for unlimited data plans — in some cases, slowing down connections to dial-up speeds in order to punish heavy data users.

In the FTC’s view, “unlimited means unlimited” and [company]AT&T[/company] acted unfairly to reduce customers’ internet speeds to a trickle, and to impose hefty termination fees on those who switched to another carrier once their data was denigrated. Many seemed to agree:

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