This company invented a weird trick to stop people from taking ephemeral message screenshots


It’s the unspoken law of Snapchat: Thou shalt not screenshot. The whole point of the app is that you can send disappearing pictures and videos that won’t follow you for the rest of your life. Want to make your friends laugh with the ugliest duck face you can make? It won’t become part of your enduring social media narrative, to be perused for years to come.

But not everyone plays by the rules, and taking a screenshot is an easy way to subvert Snapchat’s ephemerality. I myself have a rather nasty habit of taking screenshots of my friends’ sillier pictures — I just can’t handle the hilarity disappearing forever. So what’s a user to do when the product that’s supposed to keep things private has a loophole?

Enter Yovo. The app, built by a secure document sharing company called ContentGuard, has invented a rather clever way to thwart any screenshot attempt. It uses a process…

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