Arts software, the Ring, ethnoburbs, gender hacks, the new web


1. Beautiful art from Casey Reas of the UCLA Arts Software Studio.

“I work with statements, variables, loops, conditionals, functions, objects, and arrays. The most accurate thing to say about my process is that it’s different for each body of work. Sometimes it starts with research or a specific text and other times with sketches and drawings. Sometimes I just start writing code and I see where that leads. I do my best thinking with my eyes. I figure things out through cycles of creating and looking. In general, I start with how things work – how they behave and respond. The images emerge from the system, then later feeds back into it.”

2. The Ring.

“What’s interesting about hearing of The Ring in this focused way is how it becomes a part of Tolkien’s criticism of technology. The Ring does what every mighty bit of tech can do to…

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