College study proves the infuriating double standard women in sports live with every day


Here’s some hot, infuriating garbage for you: According to Ph.D. student Nicholas Subtirelu, who poured over thousands of articles about women’s and men’s basketball, no one mentions women’s weight when they’re talking about statistics, but men are frequently referred to by their hulking size.

He accurately recognizes the double standard most women live with every day—you should be strong and powerful but slim and dainty—as the main reason I just threw my computer across a room. This is particularly enraging because we’re talking about sports, the one arena where it’s always been beneficial to be physically dominant (even in golf, where some people have deceptively huge guns under those polos). Also, are you really a person who can tell what weight means in relation to someone’s size? Because whenever I see stats that say someone is 6’2 and weight 220lbs., I have a hard time conjuring up if that body type is more…

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