Execute Militant Islamic Terrorists Already!

PA Pundits - International

DeroyMurdockBy Deroy Murdock ~

What do you call the two Islamic terrorists whom Jordan hanged on Wednesday? A good start.

Wherever legally possible, radical Islamic terrorists who currently are imprisoned should be dispatched. Henceforth, every country on earth should declare militant Islamic terrorism a capital crime and require prompt execution for anyone convicted of committing or enabling such butchery.

20150204_burnedalivejordanianpilotRadical Muslim terrorists should be killed in action. When they are captured, however, they should be interrogated. As soon as their intelligence value is depleted, they promptly should be tried. If convicted, they should be executed the next dawn.

Speeding such terrorist killers and their cadres onto gallows and before firing squads would yield enormous benefits:

First, executing terrorists would remove them from battle – permanently. A malignant tumor that is excised and discarded will menace its host no more. Agents of the aggressive cancer called Islamic fundamentalism urgently deserve similar…

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