It’s a better time than ever to be a journalist


Dear budding journalist:

On Monday, my dear colleague Felix Salmon gave some (frequently solicited) advice to young journalists trying to break into media: As he summarized it himself, “Don’t do it.”

Salmon said it’s never been more competitive, that the future will be more so, and that the privileged class that has traditionally found well-paying media jobs is being disrupted, with elite degrees and family connections no longer guaranteeing success.

And though much of what Salmon said is true, I think that getting into journalism is more exciting than ever before. With new challenges, yes, but even more opportunities for a wider group of voices than we’ve ever heard, and the chance to build a media career that is uniquely theirs, rather than defined by structures set in places decades or centuries prior.

I should know, because that’s exactly what I’ve done as director of interactive at Fusion, where I…

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