Why aren’t we next to Kayla helping her????

Culture Monk

helping the children

by Kenneth Justice

~ Every coffee shop I hang out at recently, the topic of conversation is the same; “We’ve got to do something about religious extremists! ISIS, Boku Haram, and other groups are out-of-control!” is what people are saying to me every day.

Extremism, especially religious extremism, comes in many forms, and sometimes it’s not quite a cut and dry case in regards to how we should deal with the problem.

Take North Korea for instance, this country has enslaved generations of it’s own people in concentration camps. North Korea is an atheist state. North Korea is perhaps leading the world in the level of evil and vileness being committed against humanity; they have a practice in North Korea in which they punish you to your third generation! So if you get thrown into a concentration camp, they encourage you to have children while in camp, and…

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