Why foreign-born workers have lower a unemployment rate


After last week’s jobs report came out, a piece on Breitbart.com blared the headine, “Net U.S. Job Gains Since The Recession Have Gone To Foreign-Born Workers.”

You may not be surprised to learn that headline is incorrect. The U.S. has added more than 9 million employees since the recession ended in January 2010, and more than 6 million of these have gone to people born in America.


What is true, however, is that the native-born employed population has still not returned to its pre-crisis peak, though it is of course much higher…


Whereas foreign-born workers have.workers

Indeed, the unemployment rate for natives stands at 6.1 percent, whereas the foreign-born rate is 5.8 percent.


And as you can see, even prior to the recession, the foreign-born population almost always had a lower rate.

Why is this the case?

Kurt Milman, a professor at Stockholm University who just released a study on unemployment…

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