Women’s voices are most attractive at peak fertility


Not into talking like a sexy baby, ladies? Good news! Your own natural voice sounds especially seductive all on its own for at least a few days every month, thanks to your menstrual cycle.

A new study published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences found that when a woman is at her most fertile—about six days before ovulation—heterosexual men find the sound of her voice particularly attractive.

The author, Sethu Karthikeyan, a researcher from Pace University, enlisted 36 women and 50 heterosexual men for her experiment. The female participants were split into two groups—high fertility and low fertility—and put into a speed-dating scenario, in which they were prompted to listen to a recording of a flirty male voice who asked for her phone number. The women were told to respond by simply reading the phone number shown to them on a screen.

Next, the men were brought in and told to pretend…

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