‘100 Years of Iranian Beauty’ illustrates how a revolution changed the way women look


In line with Cut.com’s viral series 100 Years of Beauty, the channel’s newest video, “100 Years of Beauty — Episode 3: Iran (Sabrina)” focuses on women’s hair and makeup trends from the 1910s-2010s in Iran.


Though the styles from the first 7 decades of the 20th century closely mimic Cut.com’s past videos featuring white and black American women, there’s a sharp contrast from the 1970s to 1980s due to the Iranian revolution in 1979, when the country became an Islamic republic.

Even with compulsory adherence to the hijab, styles continue to change with the times, and women have clearly maintained their modernity and freedom of style. Hopefully this video sparks a deeper dialogue about the history of the region and creates more widespread awareness of the lasting effects of the Iranian revolution.

Images via Cut.com

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