Obama Gets His Governors Wrong


You might be forgiven for confusing Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy for former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. Two northeastern Democratic governors with similar names. They even have similar close-cropped haircuts.

Still, the differences matter.

Malloy is getting ready to be the next liberal bulldog, the Democratic governor who’s not afraid to throw a few punches at Republicans, as my colleague Zeke Miller reported over the weekend. Now out of office, O’Malley is possibly running for president, and though he’s a longshot against Hillary Clinton, well, so is everyone else in the primary.

But at a Democratic Governors Association event Monday, Obama mixed the two up.

“In Connecticut, Gov. O’Malley announced his Second Chance Society, a plan to help former prisoners rejoin their communities,” Obama said, to a roomful of the only group of Americans who would know the difference between the two men.

Now, this is not a…

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